My name is Tracie Hunter. I am a documentary filmmaker and daughter of a US Army Officer.


I was always told of my grandfather and his incredible story of struggle and survival in the Battle of The Bulge during WWII. But what started out as a search to learn about my own history turned into so much more...


My grandfather, Lt. Joseph Hunter, was a purple heart recipient and POW. He passed away before I could meet him so I had the idea that maybe if I could find someone who knew him in the war or went through the same experiences, I could better understand what he went through and keep his memory alive. 


This journey led me to find some of the most incredible veterans and survivors that shared the same POW camp as my grandfather. After hearing their stories, I knew I had to do my part to help keep every veteran's story alive. 


Thus, WWII Beyond The Call was created, and it is my hope that together we can ensure that every veteran has the opportunity to share their story and be remembered for generations to come. 

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